Brandy dating 2016

14-Jun-2016 23:37

While the full episode will drop Monday, we've got a sneak peek at one of the many revelations to come out of their candid conversation.After calling him out over his reluctance to swear on her show, Glanville reveals there might be something hiding behind that "Mr. "I remember when we were at the pool hall and we saw the s--t go down, you grabbed my ass and I was like wait, 'I'm in the Twilight Zone.Her father, Raul Vela, said she had been receiving abusive text messages for months from bullies using an untraceable smartphone application.Her father said someone made a fake Facebook page of her, creating another cyberbullying medium.I dont know if you remember this," says Brandi, referencing a time the two were out at a bar with their then-spouses in Canada.At the time, both Brandi and Dean realized something might be going on between their other halves.The , and if you were around in the ’90s, it might very well be one of your favorite songs.

Before receiving her trophy for this year’s Lady of Soul Award, Brandy turned in a stunning nine-minute performance where she ran through several of her hits, one of them being “Top of the World,” a song that also features a verse from the legendary Ma$e.Honestly, we’re not sure why this didn’t happen sooner.Their revenge sex is half a decade late, but hey better late than never.what happened to the dress that she wore on her big night with KB?

If you remember, she already told us she kept the corsage Kobe gave her ... Dean Sheremet raised a few eyebrows when he appeared on Brandi’s Pod Cast so that they could diss their cheating exes together.