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Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker have taken on the artistic direction again this year.

Cartographers, from time immemorial, have strived to represent the world and one has to admit that the photograph entitled “The Blue Marble”, a satellite image of the Earth dating from 1972, has greatly contributed to understanding its fragility.

Just like, say, astronomy, the more you learn about beer, the more you realize there is to learn, and going down that particular rabbit hole is fun, rewarding, and delicious.

But even if the extent of your beer education stops and starts with Miller Lite, you might still enjoy learning these little-known facts about the world's favorite alcoholic beverage.

There are, for example, two large screens connected to the site “, we discover that cloud computing is nothing more than a marketing invention because the emails that we send to correspondents on other continents use cables that humans have patiently laid along the ocean’s floors.

The cable route between the Eastern United States and Europe seem to be the most “congested”.

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But who at the time would have thought that an event articulated right from its beginnings around art, technology and society would be so enduring?The network of networks thus appears to be a lot less immaterial than one might imagine with these huge energy consuming data centres that a web of cables links one to another.