Vh1 reality dating shows list

06-Jul-2016 05:27

There were a lot of shows, a lot of crazy people and behaviors, and I’m gonna do my best to include the best.

If I missed your favorites, hit me up in the comment section!

Although it's not award winning TV, this show has some positive things going for it. And then there are the joys of seeing a shapely butt, as that is the most you're going to see as there is no full frontal nudity.The show unceremoniously aired its final episode last November, just as the second season of season finale was the biggest non-sports show on cable on November 23 among 18- to 49-year-olds, attracting 2.4 million viewers.It returned in August to a similarly sized audience, leading all programming in the key demo.See full summary » Former contestant Jessie Nizewitz sued Viacom as well as Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment for million after they accidentally broadcast an uncensored shot of her genital region on air.

The judge dismissed the case and ordered Nizewitz to pay the legal fees of the defendants. In 2012, he checked himself into rehab for a prescription pill problem. Now that’s a ’ Heidi Montag is perhaps the person who tried the hardest to sustain her reality fame.